Summer Pre-Law Program for Undergraduates (PLAW)

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2021!

This will be the inaugural year of the program, and we look forward to welcoming you!

As Chicago’s only public school, UIC John Marshall is committed to promoting diversity in the legal profession and providing access and opportunity to all people interested in pursuing the study of law, but we know the transition from undergrad to law school can feel a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, we created the Summer Pre-Law Program for Undergraduates (PLAW) to make law school a realistic possibility for all students, especially students from historically underrepresented communities who might not have considered a career in law.

NOTE: For Summer 2021, PLAW will be administered online unless there are changes to UIC guidelines about in-person classes. If guidelines are amended, we may offer a few in-person components in a physically distant, socially safe manner. However, every student who registers for the program will have the option of taking both classes 100% online, even if the program allows for some in-person meetings.

About PLAW

Open to rising college sophomores and juniors* majoring in any subject from any college or university, PLAW will:

  • Introduce you to the role lawyers play in society.
  • Expose you to the study of law and how lawyers think and write.
  • Guide you on how to effectively prepare for the LSAT, the law school entrance exam.
  • Provide you with role models and potential mentors to guide you through the law-school application process and beyond.
  • Prepare you to present a strong law school application for admission.

* If you are not a rising college sophomore or junior but are still interested in PLAW, please email Professor Green.

Enrollment Information

Students interested in PLAW must submit a pre-admission questionnaire. Once your questionnaire is reviewed, you’ll be contacted for a short interview (via Zoom). Upon acceptance into the program, you’ll be provided registration information.

Students from any college or university are welcomed in PLAW, regardless of undergraduate major.

UIC Students

To enroll, first please fill out the questionnaire and wait to hear back from Professor Green. After your short interview and a review of your questionnaire, you will be informed about whether you are accepted. If you are, then you will then be able to register for the two classes once summer registration is open.

Non-UIC Students

To enroll, FIRST please fill out the questionnaire and wait to hear back from Professor Green. After your short interview and a review of your questionnaire, you will be informed about whether you are accepted. If you are, then you will need to apply to be a summer student at UIC (we will provide information on how to do that). After you are admitted, then you will be able to register for the two classes once summer registration is open.

Additional Details

Registration Fees

The cost to attend PLAW is just the tuition and fees* for the two courses. All course materials are provided for free, and financial aid, including Pell grant funds, may be available. Please consult your home undergraduate institution with any questions about financial aid.

* Note: This link currently reflects 2020 tuition and fees, which will give you a general idea of the cost. We will update this with the 2021 information as soon as this is available.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about PLAW not otherwise covered on this webpage, please contact:

Sonia Bychkov Green
Associate Professor of Law
Director, Pre-Law Summer Program

UIC John Marshall Law School

PLAW Courses

PLAW students must register and concurrently take two required courses: Survey of American Law and Legal Analysis & Communication. These are both three-credit, graded courses that have been approved for credit by UIC. Students at UIC and other undergraduate institutions should check with their undergraduate departments to see if these courses count toward their undergraduate elective requirements.

Summer Schedule

PLAW 2021 be run during UIC Summer Session II (8-week program): June 14-August 6, 2021.

Students will enroll for and take two 3-credit-hour courses (for undergraduate credit).

Right now, we anticipate that all components of the program will be run virtually, with classes and meetings conducted over Zoom. Should it become safe to meet in person for even part of the program (as per UIC guidelines), students will still have the option to participate 100% remotely. If this occurs, we will have the same exact academic content for students who are participating remotely as for those who are able to attend in person.

Sample Daily Schedule

Starting June 14, classes will meet Monday thru Thursday, with the following schedule:

  • Mondays & Wednesdays (via Zoom): Survey of American Law (w/ Professor Green) | 1‒3:30 p.m.
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (via Zoom): Legal Analysis and Communication (w/ Dean Luma) | 1‒3:30 p.m.

Classes will include readings/assignments be done outside of class and will have both synchronous (everyone meets on Zoom at the same time) and asynchronous (work students do own their own time) content. Synchronous Zoom sessions will include some whole class activities and some activities done in breakout rooms. Much more information will be provided.

Finals and final projects will be completed by the last day of class.

Additional Free Programs for PLAW Students

Beyond the PLAW courses, we will offer some lunchtime conversations with lawyers, panels by law school professors and students, and other practical information. We will also host sessions about choosing a law school, the law school application process, financial aid, and preparing for the LSAT. All of the programming beyond the two courses will be free for all PLAW students, and we hope that all of the PLAW students will take advantage of these extra opportunities.