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Student Activities Mission Statement

We cultivate student learning by fostering exploration, community engagement and development through educational and experiential opportunities.

Student Activities Values Statement

We strive to practice and promote:

In addition to the student organizations listed below, students can get involved with the Student Bar Association.

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American Constitution Society
The American Constitutional Society is dedicated to maintaining a rigorous exchange of ideas about the law with the focus on its effects on the lives of ordinary people.

Animal Law Society
The Animal Law Society continues to strive to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

Anime & Manga Law Society

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
The purpose of this organization is to afford Asian Pacific law students the opportunity to work together to provide services to the Asiancommunity as well as interacting with the legal community.


Black Law Students Association
The purpose of this association is to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of the African American student body.


Catholic Lawyers Guild

Children & Family Law Society
This student group focuses on issues involving Children, Family Law, and Domestic Violence. We seek to make our world better through knowledge, advocacy and meaningful change.

Christian Legal Society
The Christian Legal Society is a non-denominational Christian organization committed to inspiring, encouraging, and equipping Christian lawyers and law students.

Celtic Law Association
This is an Irish cultural, historical and social club.

Corporate Law Association
The focus of this association includes providing a platform for students interested in corporate law in and outside of the classroom.

Criminal Law Society
This organization strives to increase the awareness of students, faculty and the legal community in the area of criminal law.


Decalogue Society
This society promotes networking opportunities to meet lawyers and judges within the Jewish community.


Entertainment & Sports Law Society
This society is interested in all facets of entertainment and sports law. It strives to bring together interested students and professionals in the entertainment and sports industries.

Environmental & Energy Law Society
The society strives to educate the law school community about current environmental issues and also to inform its members of opportunities in environmental law.


Federal Bar Association

Federalist Society
The Federalist Society is an organization founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be.


Health Law Society
The purpose of this society is to foster the interaction of students with special interests in health-related issues and the law.

Hellenic Law Student Association
This is a student organization comprised of law students of Greek descent and is both academic and community oriented.


Intellectual Property Law Society
This society serves a large number of students who have an interest in this area of law.


Justinian Society
The Justinian Society is a social organization that gives law students of Italian descent the opportunity to network with their peers and established professionals.


Latinx Law Students Association
This organization is comprised primarily of law students of Latin ancestry. It tries to provide assistance and encouragement to first-year students.


Middle Eastern Law Students Association
This association provides students of Middle Eastern descent with a place to discuss issues that are particularly relevant to them.


National Lawyers Guild
The Guild provides students with the opportunity to attend lectures addressing legal and social issues of a politically progressive nature.


This organization of law students explores the legal issues incident to sexual orientation.


Phi Delta Phi
This is an honors fraternity which strives to instill professionalism and achieve academic excellence.

Public Interest Law Council
The Council encourages students to incorporate into their legal careers the area of public interest law.


Real Estate Law Student Group
The Real Estate Law Student Group seeks to promote interest in the broad practice of real estate law. This group is open to anyone interested in real estate.


The Scribes student chapter strives to help students become successful, efficient legal writers through the promotion of legal writing skills. The organization hosts a speaker series, as well as networking events, for the benefit of the student body. Organization members are encouraged to publish.

South Asian Law Student Association
The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) is dedicated to raising awareness of the issues affecting South Asians while connecting South Asian law students with South Asian legal professionals.

Student Veterans Association


Video Game Law Society
The Video Game Law Society is dedicated to raising awareness of the latest developing legal issues in video games.


Women’s Law Caucus
The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about women's issues, promote equality between genders and provide a forum to exchange ideas.

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