Law School Skills Programs

Transitioning to law school begins in 1L Orientation and continues through the first semester Expert Learning course.  During these periods, new law students will learn the basic skills that every lawyer needs to know.  These skills include reading, understanding, and briefing cases; reading and synthesizing the law; deconstructing rules of law; listening to and analyzing fact patterns; distilling and creating legal arguments; and preparing an outline of the law and your case.  In addition, you will learn skills that are specific to law school, such as learning to participate in class discussions, preparing for exams, and taking essay and multiple choice exams.

In addition to these “academic” and “professional” traits, you will learn and enhance your study and time management skills.  You will also learn about stress management and other non-cognitive challenges.  You will need to master these skills in order to excel in the legal profession.

You should visit the academic counselors in the Academic Achievement department for assistance.