Discrimination Incident Reporting Form

Report an Incident of Discrimination or Bias

As part of the Office of the Chancellor, the Office for Access and Equity (OAE), strives to increase access to employment, programs, and services in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment. This form provides an online method to report specific information related to an alleged incident(s) of discrimination, harassment, bias, or retaliation. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure an effective investigation and resolution.

  • Status: * Required
  • Name * Required
  • (In the case of multiple incidents, please use the most recent date.)
  • Location of Incident:
  • Type of Incident:
  • If this is a discrimination or harassment complaint, please indicate the protected status(es) that is/are the basis of the alleged incident.
  • Please describe the incident in as much factual detail as possible. Include information about the nature of the incident (e.g., physical assault, verbal assault, threats, written slurs, threatening communications, etc.)