Campus Safety & Security Department


The UIC John Marshall Law School Campus Safety & Security Department is comprised of a Director of Campus Safety & Security, 3 security shift supervisors, and more than 20 non-sworn security officers, under the authority of the Dean of the Law School. Security posts, staffed by a security officer, are located in all of the campus buildings and are supplemented by roving officers conducting foot patrols.

The Campus Safety & Security Department supports the Law School's mission by providing a safe, secure, and orderly campus environment where students can pursue their education in the law and in which faculty and staff can teach and work. They pursue this goal through the protection of individuals and property, and the preservation of peace and the prevention of crime. Each day the Campus Safety & Security Department works to achieve their goals by providing efficient support services, campus patrol utilizing community policing practices, mentoring and educating students they contact, professional and ethical investigations, effective emergency and crisis response, and employing well-trained, courteous campus safety officers. In addition the Campus Safety & Security Department strives to make the Law School experience safe and rewarding by providing secure access control, monitoring the campus, and staying in-touch with the culture of the Law School. To that end, the Department has installed more than 240 internet protocol surveillance cameras and designed proximity card access throughout its buildings. The department is located in 315 S. Plymouth Court Building in office suite P-301 and at extension 501.

Campus security officers, while enforcing UIC John Marshall Law School’s regulations, are authorized to ask any person for identification to determine whether individuals have lawful business at the Law School and can initiate a citizen’s arrest when reasonable grounds, other than a City of Chicago ordinance violation, has occurred. Criminal incidents that occur on campus will be handled by the UIC Police Department. The Law School campus community is encouraged to promptly and accurately report all crimes to Law School Campus Safety & Security and/or the UIC Police Department. The Law School Campus Safety & Security Department has an excellent working relationship with local law enforcement agencies.

The Director of the UIC John Marshall Campus Safety & Security Department regularly attends meetings with local business and community organizations. The Security Director is a member of a security working group called the Security Council of Professional Educators (SCOPE). Membership includes representatives from campus security at higher educational institutions located in the Greater Chicago Business District, along with representatives from city and federal law enforcement agencies. Training opportunities, discussion of criminal activity, and legislative updates affecting college campuses are presented at these forums.

During the hours that the Law School is open, each one of the 3 security desks are staffed with highly experienced and trained security professionals. Any individual who witnesses a crime or suspects that a crime has been committed should report the matter to the Law School Campus Safety & Security Department by dialing extension 501 from any on campus house phone or dial 312.427.2737 ext. 501 from any cellphone. The Law School Campus Safety & Security Department will contact the UIC Police Department should such an action be deemed necessary by the administration.

As required by law, the Law School Campus Safety & Security Department maintains a security incident log of all reported safety and security violations that occur on its properties. This log is made available upon request to all students, faculty, and staff with a 24-hour notice. All incidents reported to the Law School Safety & Security Department are investigated with the goal of fast results. Campus crime statistics are published on an annual basis.

We ask that all building occupants be alert to their surroundings and carry the UIC John Marshall Law School-issued i-Card at all times while on campus, while using it strictly for personal use.