JD Externship Program Requirements

All UIC John Marshall JD students are required to earn at least 3 credits of experiential learning to graduate, and our JD Externship Program is one way to fulfill that requirement.

After you’ve completed 30 credit hours (your first year of academic study), you may earn 2-3 credits in a single semester, and up to 6 total credits, externing with a court, government agency, or non-profit organization.

Note: In order to receive credit, you cannot be compensated for your externship work.

Classroom Seminar & Field Placement*

The JD Externship Program has two distinct components—a corequisite field placement and classroom seminar—that students must satisfy to earn course credit. The field placement component is satisfied by completing a set number of hours at an approved externship site under the supervision of an attorney supervisor. The classroom seminar component is taught by a UIC John Marshall faculty member. While the seminar and field placement components are interdependent, you will receive separate course credit for each.

Classroom Seminar

The seminar component is a 1-credit, graded course, and you’ll register using the course seminar number the corresponds with your externship placement type:

  • TADR 468 Externship: Local Government and Non-Profit Class
  • TADR 468 Externship: Criminal Class
  • TADR 468 Externship: Judicial Class

*Course structure as described effective as of Spring 2021. Fieldwork and seminar components will be combined for a single course and pass/fail grade for Fall 2020.

Field Placement

The fieldwork credit is determined by the total hours worked at your externship site and is graded pass/fail:

  • 2 Fieldwork Credits = 104 Hours of Fieldwork
  • 3 Fieldwork Credits = 156 Hours of Fieldwork

You’ll register using the course field placement number the corresponds with your externship placement type:

  • TADR 472 Externship: Local Government and Non-Profit (Government Agencies/Non-profit Organizations)
  • TADR 473 Externship: Criminal (Public Defender/Prosecutorial Agencies)
  • TADR 474 Externship: Judicial

Advanced JD Externships

Students who successfully complete a JD externship for credit may enroll in the advanced externship course (TADR 475 Externship: JD Advanced) for subsequent externships (for a maximum of 6 total externship credits). The advanced program pairs asynchronous supplemental instruction and faculty support with fieldwork. There is no separate seminar component. Returning externs may enroll for 1-3 credits in a semester. For each credit, you must complete 52 fieldwork hours.