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27th Annual John Marshall Law School

Study Trip to the Czech Republic

October 9-21, 2019

Join us as we journey through the Czech and Slovak Republics!

Can you believe it!? This is our 27th annual study trip, and many of us from the first trip are still going strong. This year we will continue our recent tradition of visiting another Middle-European country in addition to the Czech Republic. We will begin our trip in Hungary—a new stop for our group. Budapest offers us an opportunity to spend time in an historic city with a rich culture. We will have ample time to explore its sites, many of which date back to Roman times. On Sunday, we will take a bus from Budapest to Brno, stopping along the way at historical villages on the Danube.

Brno is, of course, the heart of our trip because of our 27-year history of cooperation with Masaryk University. In addition to presenting our annual "Day of U.S. Law" to the Masaryk law students, we will visit the Constitutional, Supreme, and Supreme Administrative Law Courts, where we will catch up on the latest developments in Czech law. We will also have time to visit with many of the Czech/Slovak alumni who came to Chicago for our exchange program. These alumni offer a panorama of experiences from the past quarter century and are a living demonstration of the changes that have occurred since the fall of Communism in 1989.

The final leg of our journey will take us to Prague, where we will have time to visit historical sites, shop, and enjoy the culture and cuisine that the city offers. We are adding an additional day for participants to enjoy Prague and its environs. This ensures that you have time to do all the shopping you desire, attend the opera or symphony at a quarter of the cost as in Chicago, and enjoy good libation with rich meals. See you all in October!

For more information, please contact:

Professor Michael P. Seng, Tour Director
UIC John Marshall Law School
300 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312.987.2397


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