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Serving Those Who Served

The Veterans Legal Clinic specializes in appealing denied veteran’s benefits claims, including service-connected benefits, pension benefits, survivor benefits, and education benefits. The Clinic will not begin work on an initial claim that has not been filed or is currently pending before the Department of Veterans Affairs. To receive assistance in filing an initial claim for benefits please contact a veterans’ service organization.

VA Benefit Appeals

The Veterans Legal Clinic provides free assistance with appeals of improperly denied VA benefit claims at the VA Regional Office, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and the Court of Appeals For Veterans Claims. If you have been denied a disability or pension benefit, contact the VLSC. If available, please have a copy of your most recent VA Rating Decision or correspondence for review.

Criminal Court Treatment & Diversion Programs

The Veterans Legal Clinic provides free assistance to veterans in criminal court treatment or diversion programs with the non-criminal legal issues that often accompany arrest or conviction. If you are a veteran with a pending case a veterans treatment court or diversion program, you or your attorney can contact the VLSC.

Discharge Upgrades

The Veterans Legal Clinic provides free assistance to veterans in appealing the characterization of their discharge to the Discharge Review Board or the Board of Corrections of Military Records. If you are a veteran seeking to appeal your discharge characterization, you can contact the VLSC. If possible, please have a copy of your DD-214 for review.

Other Legal Assistance

If there are legal issues outside the scope of the Veterans Legal Clinic's mission, please call the Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network at 855.452.3526.


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