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Patents Issued Through John Marshall's IP Patent Clinic

At UIC John Marshall's IP Patent Clinic, we take pride in assisting individual inventors to fulfill their dreams of securing patent rights for their inventions. In this process, we sometimes represent inventors before the USPTO, articulate their ingenuity and ideas, and persuade the patent office that the invention is both novel and non-obvious — that the invention is a new solution to an existing problem.

Sometimes, however, we are not able to assist inventors, because the prospect of obtaining a patent is relatively low due to the crowded patent landscape. Many times, someone else has already thought about a similar idea. This may sound discouraging, but it is not. In fact, the existence of prior inventions should also serve as an inspiration for inventors to innovate and should add fuel to the fire of genius.

We congratulate the inventors listed below whose inventions have been awarded U.S. patents, and the many others whom wish to remain anonymous. We're honored to have assisted you. As to you other budding inventors, we look forward to adding your names to the list!

U.S. Patent Number Applicant Date Filed Date Issued
#10,109,190Danyell Baptiste10/06/201610/23/2018
#10,051,900Cheryl Carryl et al.2/27/20148/21/2018
#10,016,056Jordan Michael Sklansky8/25/20167/10/2018
#9,750,327Nadra Safia Smiley1/8/20149/5/2017
#9,427,618William Morway11/20/20148/30/2016
#9,415,261Anthony D. Wilson3/14/20148/16/2016
#9,381,605David A. Moyer9/3/20147/5/2016
#9,372,194Ramdas Pai12/17/20146/21/2016
#9,131,789Corvet Williams8/28/20139/15/2015
#8,945,696Neil Wilkinson12/27/20122/3/2015
#8,894,552Matthew Wilson & Bryan Wilson9/28/201111/25/2014
#8,676,113Brian T. Dolk3/15/201311/4/2014
#8,770,182James Christopoulos9/13/20127/8/2014
#8,616,436Tafforest Brewer1/11/201312/31/2013
#8,425,437Abel B. Zaborowski2/19/20104/23/2013
#8,255,180Dr. Jaswinder Sandhu8/11/20098/28/2012
#8,153,871Erik Fagrelius1/12/20114/10/2012
#7,856,361Yvonne F. Bell2/1/200112/21/2010
#6,367,822William B. Hutchins7/11/20004/9/2002
#6,276,525Mary & Ronald Kobeluch7/5/20008/21/2001
#6,112,331Vernon W. Horn8/3/19999/5/2000
#6,062,382David S. Cerkie8/2/19995/16/2000
#5,567,455William N. Alsbrook, Sr.9/1/199410/22/1996
#5,564,136Kathleen M. Cox6/1/199510/15/1996

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