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Mediation Services

Mediation is a process in which parties in a dispute meet with a trained neutral person, called a mediator. The mediator's job is to help parties communicate, clarify the issues involved in the dispute and find mutually beneficial solutions for the matter. Unlike a trial where a judge declares one party the winner and the other party the loser, in mediation, parties are not confined to the same options a judge may be and are free to design solutions that meet the needs of both parties. The mediator will not decide who is right or wrong, identify how a matter should be resolved, or take sides. Mediation is voluntary and confidential, is generally faster and less expensive than a trial and most often produces results that are longer lasting and better suited for the parties than litigation would. Mediation is often used to settle conflicts between neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members, employees and employers, consumers and merchants, condominium associations and owners, landlords and tenants or other disputes involving real estate, special education, mortgage foreclosure, divorce, custody, or visitation issues.

Conflict Resolution Clinic mediators are trained in collaboration with the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR). All Clinic mediators have completed a 40-hour training course, have passed a performance-based simulation test, and are certified to mediate thought CCR. Mediation services are free of charge.

Mediation/Arbitration Representation

Contact the Conflict Resolution Clinic if you are looking for pro-bono representation in a mediation or arbitration. In most cases, parties do not need an attorney to represent them during mediation. However, if you find the opposing party is represented by an attorney, or if the mediation involves a nuanced area of law such as family or mortgage foreclosure law, you may wish to have an attorney represent you during the mediation.

Mediation Outreach

The Conflict Resolution Clinic offers mediation and dispute resolution outreach programs tailored to the needs of your group. Our programs focus on promoting the benefits of mediation as a method to resolve disputes.

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