Career Services Office

Private Sector

Welcome! The Career Services Office is happy to assist John Marshall Law alumni, both to recent graduates and alumni seeking employment, or those alumni contemplating career changes. You may make an appointment for individual advising to discuss your job search throughout your career. Services include: resume/cover letter review, brainstorming about a job search, and interview preparation. To schedule an appointment with our Alumni Counselor call (312) 987-1402.

Alumni services available include:

Alumni Job Postings and Document Library (through Symplicity)

Updated regularly, the job postings include openings we receive directly from employers and vacancies from selected legal newspapers, periodicals, job newsletters, and other websites. Symplicity also contains the John Marshall “Document Library” which is an online resource library that contains a resume and cover letter guide, interviewing and networking guide, Chicago firms list, and other extensive resources. Please contact if you need a Symplicity account.

Career Services Office Resource Library

The Career Services Office provides a comprehensive resource library with relevant periodicals, career books, and several computer terminals which alumni may access during their visit. The resource library is open throughout the week, including some evening hours.

Career Services Programs and Workshops

You are welcome to attend any of the workshops and programs sponsored by Career Services Offices. Please see visit the Events tab on the Symplicity page for event topics and schedule. If you plan to attend an event, please call the Career Services Office at (312) 987-1402.

BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank

The BYU Job Bank provides alumni with access to attorney job postings of over 150 law schools. Please call the Career Services Office to obtain the password.

Listing of Legal Temporary Agencies (PDF)

Contact the Career Services Office for a list of agencies in Chicago that place law graduates in short and long-term temporary positions.


Reciprocity allows law schools to provide reasonable access to their career resources for graduates and students from other law schools that agree to provide similar services. The exact services provided may vary at different law schools. To request reciprocity with an out of state Career Services Office, please email with your request. To learn more, visit the Reciprocity page. Additional information about reciprocity policies for individual law schools across the country can be found at

Other Online Job Search Resources

There are a number of “Internet Resources” available. Click here for an extensive list of online job search resources.