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The Office of JD Admission receives numerous questions each semester from prospective students. The most-frequently asked have been answered below. Please contact the Office of Admission with further questions.

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1. How much is tuition for JD students?
2. Does the school have student organizations in my areas of interest?
3. Does the school have competitions in my areas of interest?
4. Is UIC John Marshall Law School accredited?
5. What honors programs does the school offer?
6. Do you offer help in finding student and alumni employment?
7. Can students get help with writing outside of class?
8. Where can I get more information on the Law School's policies and resources?
9. Are there special requirements for foreign students?
10. What LLM & MJ programs does UIC John Marshall Law School offer?
11. Do you have a list of courses and their descriptions?
12. Do you have an evening division?

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