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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Graduate Admissions & International Education Services receives numerous questions each semester from prospective students. The most-frequently asked have been answered below. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission & International Education Services at or 800.537.4280 with further questions.

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1. How do I apply to one of the graduate programs?*
2. Do you accept transfer applicants from other institutions?
3. Do you accept international applications?
4. What are the application deadlines for admission to the graduate programs?
5. Is there an application fee to apply to a graduate program?*
6. What is the minimum GPA required to apply to the graduate programs?
7. When I apply, should I submit all of my transcripts or just the trascript from my most recent school?
8. How long will it take after I apply before a decision is made on my application?
9. Once I am admitted to a graduate program, is there a required tuition deposit?
10. How much is tuition for the graduate program?
11. How many credit hours does it take to complete a graduate degree?
12. Does the law school offer scholarships or financial aid for graduate students?
13. Does the law school offer degree advising and/or course-scheduling support?
14. What graduate programs are offered entirely online?†
15. As an LLM degree candidate, can I take courses in another LLM program?
16. Do you offer graduate program courses on the weekend?
17. What is the minimum GPA that I need to earn a graduate degree?
18. Are there internship or externship opportunities available in the graduate programs?
19. How does the JD/LLM program work?
20. Can I still apply to an LLM program when I am a JD student?
21. How many credits does it take to complete a joint JD/LLM?
22. Do you help graduates find employment after graduation?

*Subject to change.

†Required courses and select elective courses are currently available online for each listed degree area. We are in the process of developing more online courses in all programs.