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ISBA Employee Benefits Section Council Mentorship Program

Practicing law in the area of employee benefits and executive compensation is a very complex profession – you can’t possibly know everything. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a competent lawyer. When you reach out for a mentor, it simply means that you’re willing to seek the resources to become the best employee benefits practitioner that you can be. Through the ISBA Employee Benefits Section Council Mentoring Program you can regularly meet and talk with a lawyer who will help find answers to your questions, provide guidance, boost your confidence, and ultimately help you make decisions that may affect the future of your career.

Since 2000, the ISBA Employee Benefits Section Council and Graduate Employee Benefits Program candidates have participated in a mentorship program designed to increase the number of qualified and professional employee benefits attorneys and to promote involvement in bar association employee benefits law committees.

How the Mentorship Program Works

As a law student in the UIC John Marshall Law School Employee Benefits LLM Program, you'll be assigned a mentor (employee benefits attorney) from the ISBA Employee Benefits Section Council for a period of one year. Every effort will be made to match you with a mentor who has experience in areas of the law that you specify, by size of practice, special skills and abilities, or whatever is important to you. Protégés are expected to attend at least three quarterly ISBA Employee Benefits Section Council meetings with their mentors, assist mentors in their routine section council duties (e.g., publication of newsletters, legislative updates, case law updates), and maintain informal contact with their mentors between meetings (e.g., phone calls, emails, lunch visits).

You and your mentor should decide how to structure the mentoring relationship as to how it will benefit you most. Degree candidates who have participated in this mentorship program have co-authored articles with their mentors for the ISBA Employee Benefits newsletter and assisted with the legislative and case law update presentations at Section Council meetings. The ISBA Employee Benefits Section Council meetings are generally held on the 9th floor of the ISBA’s Chicago Office at 20 South Dearborn. Meetings begin in September and conclude with the May/June annual meeting in Lake Geneva.

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