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General Center Rules and Information


A student who missed 25% or more of the class meetings cannot sit for the final exam. Students taking an online class should consult the course's syllabus for the absence policy.

Academic Probation and Dismissal for Poor Scholarship

Academic standing will not be determined until the student completes his/her first 6 hours of credit (referred to as the "first trial period"). Upon completion of the first trial period, a student must achieve a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 or better in order to be in good standing. If, at any time after the first trial period, the student's CGPA falls below 2.0, he/she will automatically be academically dismissed.

A student whose CGPA is between 2.0 and 2.499 after the trial period will be placed on academic probation and must raise his/her CGPA to 2.5 or better by the time he/she completes the next 6 credit hours (referred to as the "second trial period"). If such a student does not raise his/her CGPA to 2.5 or better within the second trial period, that student will be academically dismissed. Probation status will remain in effect until the student completes the second trial period. During the second trial period, the student must take a minimum of 4 credit hours and a maximum of 6 credit hours unless otherwise approved by the Center director.

If such a student on probation raises his/her CGPA to 2.5 or better within the second trial period, the student will be in good standing. However, if a student has once been on probation and successfully raised his/her CGPA to 2.5 but has his/her CGPA below 2.5 at the end of any subsequent semester, the student shall be academically dismissed at the end of that semester.

Contact Information

Please keep your contact information current. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your correct contact information.

Email Communication

All email communication from the Center will only go to your Law School email account.

Exam Conferences

Degree candidates are entitled to exam conferences. If desired, you are encouraged to contact the instructor and meet with him/her to go over your exam (either in person or by phone).

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