Center for Tax Law & Employee Benefits

New England Pension Assistance Project Externship

Term: Any semester
Location: Chicago (supervisor in Boston)
Credits: 3-4
Eligible Candidates: JD/LLM in Employee Benefits, LLM in Employee Benefits, and JD/LLM in Tax Law and LLM in Tax Law with a concentration on employee benefits
Deadline: Four weeks before the beginning of the semester

Degree candidates selected to participate in this program work with the attorneys at the New England Pension Assistance Project (NEPAP). NEPAP is a regional, non-for-profit organization to provide assistance to individuals having trouble understanding or obtaining their pension benefits. The educational objectives include practical experience in a specialized area of employee benefits law by becoming familiar with the pension assistance activities of the NEPAP; to further develop practical lawyering skills to provide research, writing, document review and application of law and policy.



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