Center for International Law

JD/LLM in International Business & Trade Law

As a JD candidate at UIC John Marshall, you have the unique opportunity to enhance your marketability by specializing in international business and trade law. UIC John Marshall offers one of the first and only LLM in International Business & Trade Law programs in the Midwest.


Joint degree candidates should be able to demonstrate interest in international law through undergraduate and graduate coursework, overseas study/work experience, foreign language ability, etc. Joint JD/LLM in International Business & Trade Law candidates may apply the first 10 credits satisfactorily completed in the LLM program in which they are enrolled to the electives requirements of the JD. Most degree candidate will be able to complete the requirements of the joint program with 110 credits (80 JD + 30 LLM) instead of the 120 credits required if the programs are completed separately. Students unable to complete the joint degree must still complete a total of 90 hours to be awarded the JD degree.

Students who matriculated prior to August 16, 2019, are subject to degree requirements in place when they first enrolled, provided they complete those requirements within the time limit for degree completion and do not interrupt their enrollment without formal approval. Degree requirements in effect prior to August 2019 are available on eCommons; students should consult their degree audit for further information.

Proposed Schedule

Degree candidates pursuing the JD/LLM in International Business & Trade Law should consult with the Center to plan a specific degree program tailored to their needs.


Recommended JD Electives Required Courses*

Degree candidates may choose to pursue a concentration in International Business Law or International Trade Law. The related required courses for each track are outlined below.

Track 1: International Business Law

International Business Law candidates must complete the following required courses.

Track 2: International Trade Law

International Trade Law candidates must complete the following required courses.

*Adjustments to the required curriculum may be made with the approval of the Director.

Elective Courses

**Candidates may earn credit for each section of the Masters Class they complete.

Please review each course description to determine what prerequisites apply.