Advocacy Student Resources

Competition Videos

The Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution offers degree candidates the opportunity to view the final rounds of select arbitration, negotiation, client counseling, and mediation competitions through Tegrity, the Law School's online streaming video system. Trial advocacy training videos are also available to John Marshal students, faculty, and staff through the Courtroom View Network (CVN) online. For degree candidates interested in trying out to be on a team, these videos are a perfect introduction to the competition experience. For competitors, they are an effective tool to use in preparing for the competition.

Trial Advocacy

Trial advocacy training videos are available to John Marshal degree candidates, faculty, and staff through the Courtroom View Network (CVN) online. Select "Video Training Library" at the top of the screen on CVN website. Register with the site using a email address in order to access the videos.

The videos are organized into the following categories:

  • Opening Statements: Opening - Argue the Law, Use of Themes, Use of PowerPoint or Exhibits, Humanize the Client, Rhetorical Devices, Address Weaknesses in Your Case, Use of Five Senses - Painting a Picture, Final Three Minutes
  • Direct Exam: Direct Exam Overview, Laying a Foundation, Introducing and Personalizing a Witness, Use of Exhibits, Inoculate a Witness - Prepare for Cross, Transitioning Subjects, Sit-Down Questions, Pace of Questions, Refresh a Witness's Recollection, Movement in the Courtroom
  • Direct of Expert: Direct of Expert Overview, Foundation – Qualification, Foundation for Opinions, Transitioning, Expert Witness - Use of Exhibits, Hypothetical, Objections and Rephrasing
  • Cross Exam: Cross Exam Overview, Control, Bias, Impeachment, Qualification, The Likeable Witness, The Hostile Witness, Impeachment - Prior Inconsistent Statement, Impeachment by Use of Learned Treatise, Box in Witness, Cross with Exhibits
  • Closing Arguments: Closing Arguments Overview, Closing - Argue the Law, Final 4 Minutes, Thanking the Jury, Rule of 3 and Other Rhetorical Devices, Burden of Proof Explaining, Asking for Money or Answering Request for Money
  • Rebuttal: Rebuttal Overview, Flipping the Other Side's Theme